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Natural Swimming Pools

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Terravita  Gardensī Natural Pools are totally ecological, with no chemicals . 

The plants act as a water cleaner, integrated in the pool in different ways.

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Each Pool is unique with natural materials being used.  

Natural Pools are not only healthier, but also cost less in maintenance.



   To be able to swim in water that has no chemicals is no longer a utopia.   

Natural pools are the solution.

  How do you create a chemically free pool? By treating the swimming water through various methods and passing it through specific aquatic plants it becomes clean and healthy. 

The plants act as a water cleaner.

Basically, there are three different systems.

  1. Where the plants are integrated in the pool.  

  2. Where the plants are external to the pool.

  3. A hybrid system, some plants are external and some internal

   The regeneration and water cleansing by plants happens around us all the time in rivers, streams, pond and lakes.

   The fact that it would be used to keep pool water clean was only a matter of time.     

Terravita Gardens is one of the first companies to construct natural pools on the island.

  The benefits of Natural Pools are: 

   - Swimming in chemical free water with no risk of skin or eye irritation.

 - The water actually tastes like water 

   - Wildlife will also reappear, bringing with it greater varieties of birds that have found a place to drink. 

   - The absence of heavy and costly machinery with the subsequent saving on reparation bills. 

   - Since the pools are basically self sufficient there is less need to hire professionals for pool maintenance.. 

   - No two of our pools are alike, they are in harmony with the surroundings;  natural forms and materials are used.

   In summary, Terravita natural pools are environmentally friendly, pleasing to the eye and healthier to swim in.     

   In some cases it is also possible to convert conventional chlorine pools, into natural ones; so if this is the case with you, donīt  hesitate to  ask us.

   Donīt hesitate, please contact us


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Thereīs nothing to beat swimming in a chlorine free pool where water tastes like water!     


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Lie back and enjoy the wildlife that will appear when you integrate your pool into its natural surrondings.


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Each of our natural pools is uniquely designed to suit your specific requirements.





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